Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A week of first laughs (the most magical sound I've ever heard), first rolls (without mama tucking your arms in for you), and a first trip to the pool (you loved it!).  Learning how to grab things that mama hands you, and hold onto things besides rings.  A week full of loving the silly songs mama sings you, and giving all the best smiles to daddy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Three Months

How can it have possibly been three months (plus some) already?  1/4 of a year?  How can that be?

How can it be that a year ago this beautiful, sweet being was just being formed in my womb, a tiny little cluster of cells?

Three months of smiles, babbles, snuggles, and love.  So. Much. Love.

My beautiful girl with eyes of the sea, seeing wonder in every little thing, I love seeing the world through her eyes.  Watching her discover how things work, and learning what she can do?  My favorite part.  I knew being her mama was the only thing I wanted in life, but I could have never imagined how truly wonderful it would be.  She is my heart.